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Whiskey review: Penderyn Legend

Updated: Jun 1, 2023



Age: NAS

Strength: 41%

Place of purchase: Alko

Price: €14.99

I was pleasantly surprised to find a two deciliter bottle of the Legend single malt from Penderyn distillery. When the price of the bottle (even a smaller one) is under 15€ it really helps me to open my wallet and grab a bottle. Let's see how is the whisky...

Nose: the very first thing that hits the nose is the smell of young whiskey. A little new make, with added vanilla, slight acidity and fruits. Over time, other scents take over and that new make scent disappears. Fruitiness takes on a bigger role. Pear with a hint of green apple's acidity.

Taste: soft, youthful, vanilla and acidity. On the palate, the youth/tenderness shines through strongly, and after holding the whiskey for a while in the mouth, the oaky bitterness begins to take over.

After: the same elements as in the taste, but weaker and very quickly turns to oak and dries out.

I then managed to distract myself from the glass for a while and when I tried this again the bitterness in the taste and after taste was more powerful.

The bottle size and the prize was a huge bonus and wouldn't have bought this otherwise. The whisky itself wasn't that much of a hit for me, but I'll be sure to try it again neat and in cocktail.

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