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Teeling Single Malt

Teeling Single Malt

Age: NAS

Abv: 46 %

Teeling Single Malt has been matured and finished in five different types of wine casks (Sherry, Port, Madeira, White Burgundy, Cabernet Sauvignon). This whiskey was also originally in my last year Advent calendar, and now I had time to delve deeper into this particular expression.

Nose: The scent of cotton candy from Linnanmäki amusement park comes to mind at first. There's a hint of pear with a touch of citrusy twist. During a brief sniff, there seem to be surprisingly varied aromas in the air, but I can't quite pinpoint them. Quite delicate scents overall.

Taste: The taste is smooth but not watery. There's vanilla, a hint of strawberry sweetness, and some pears. After a few sips, a slight watery sensation has crept in. The taste is delicately multifaceted without being confusing. A light citrusy touch also plays on the palate, although it fades almost before you can recognize it.

After: The aftertaste transitions perhaps even a bit unexpectedly from sweetness directly to maltiness and maybe a slight bitterness. Then, there's a hint of the taste of a grade school pencil after you have nibbled it for a while. Although the aftertaste may not be consistent, it still seems to complement the initial sweetness quite nicely.

A delicate and subtle whiskey that requires a good nose to fully appreciate its aroma. Being in the midst of the flu season in the middle of winter, I had my own challenges with the smell. I definitely need to revisit this in the spring when hopefully my sense of smell will be better. This whiskey is for those who appreciate a delicate yet diverse flavor and aroma profile. The diverse use of barrels is evident in this whiskey. It hasn't been available at Alko yet, but according to rumors, it might be seen there in the future.

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