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Glasgow 1770 UISGE 2024 Finland Exclusive Marsala Wine Cask

Age: 5 years

Price: 129,24€

Place of purchase: Alko

Created: 2.10.2017

Bottled: 11.1.2023

Abv: 53,3 %

Batch size: 108 bottles

Maturation: Marsala Wine Cask

Glasgow Distillery is a fresh newcomer on the Scottish whisky map. Established in 2012 it was the first new distillery in Glasgow for over a century. The distillery is also a recent addition to the Finnish whisky scene with two core range products available at Alko since autumn 2023 and now a special bottling made for Uisge whisky festival has arrived. This is a peated whisky that has matured for just over five years in Marsala wine casks.

Nose: There's quite a bit going on right from the start. Oily, smoky, and citrusy. There's even a hint of meringue in the nose which quickly disappears before the thought has fully formed. Then childhood memories of salted fish crackers swim into the mouth, with a hint of nutty pound cake. Surprisingly diverse indeed. However, after the first taste, most of the complexity disappears from the aroma, as the smokiness hits with such force compared to the nose.

Palate: Smoke bursts in like a tidal wave and overwhelms everything else. After a moment and a few sips, flavors begin to emerge from the glass. There's a momentary sense of the whisky's youthfulness in the taste, but surprisingly, it doesn't bother me. Often the taste of youthfulness in a whisky have been bothering me, but now it seems to fit the character of the whisky. Sweetness of red berries and sizzling grease on coals. I can almost taste the sizzling fatty piece of pork that fell onto the coals.

After: Initially the after taste continues nicely along the BBQ line of the flavor palette. However, a dry sensation quickly sets in across the mouth, accompanied by ash and oak. Surprisingly pleasant finish, although not particularly long.

Overall, it's a pleasant youthful character in the glass. The nose offers complexity, and in the mouth, it delivers such a smoky punch that the entire flavor palette needs a moment to gather itself. Once the palate recovers from the smoky punch, the glass reveals a balanced and young smoky whisky.

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