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Campbeltown Loch: Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Campbeltown Loch Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Age: NAS

Abv: 46 %

Price: 46,81€

Place of Purchase:

Nose: The sweet, earthy scent hits the nose right away. Strawberries rolled in oil and a hint of sulfur. It's a reminiscent of those youth days we'd work on our Suzuki PV mopeds. But at the same time you would be snacking on strawberries with those oily fingers in the midst of it all.

Taste: This could use a bit more punch right from the start. The taste is even a bit of a letdown after the aroma as everything is overshadowed by a gentle creaminess. The elements are there and work well, but they're hidden behind a veil. The main flavor might be that dirty oily vanilla sauce. When you let the whisky rest in your mouth, the dirt and smoke forcefully come to the surface, surprisingly strongly. This whisky definitely benefits from being allowed to rest in the mouth for tens of seconds. That's when the taste seems to multiply, and the flavors really come alive.

After taste: This is like a gentle match rubbed in sand-infused oil, then lit on fire, and finally tossed into a fuel tank of that Suzuki PV. The strawberries are nowhere to be found; the tone remains dark. Only the unburned stem of the match remains, but when chewed, all the aforementioned elements are found. The aftertaste is surprisingly long and pleasant. However, right at the end, there's still that last strawberry, more of a fading memory than an actual taste.

At first, only the aroma and aftertaste worked, but once the right enjoyment technique was found, this turned out to be an excellent whisky. Fits my palate really well. Just the right balance of fruitiness and dirty earthiness and in terms of price, a real find.

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