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Review: Teerenpeli SVP 2022 Single Bourbon Cask


SVP 12 Year Old Single Bourbon Cask Single Malt

Age: 12

Abv: 54,9%

Place of Purchase: Alko

Price: 99,97€

SVP (Suomalaisen Viskin Päivä) means Finnish Whisky Day (FWD from now on). FWD releases are a yearly highlight among the Finnish whisky enthusiasts. Teerenpeli released a superb Port matured single cask 2021 and I didn't buy. This year I decided, that no matter what kind of whisky they'll release, I'll buy it. This year it was a 12 year old single bourbon cask whisky and the expectations were high

Nose: Intensely sweet over ripe banana. After a while more familiar bourbon cask maturing notes like vanilla and toffee starts to surface. With some added water the nose is super smooth and balanced. There's some lemon zest adding it's own part, but it's not overpowering in anyway.

Taste: Creamy vanilla, smooth toffee and really nice mouth feel. There's quite a little sharpness in the taste. It's like a donut with banana flavoured vanilla filling. Without the added water there's more depth in the taste. Water balances the biggest ups and downs and leaving the easy middle road to follow.

After: Citrus notes raises in the beginning of the after taste leading the way from the smooth vanilla and toffee. A little tingling in the cheeks brings an added sharpness reminding that this isn't all smoothy smooth whisky after all. After taste is quite long.

Great bourbon matured whisky where the stronger abv brings in some kick to the nose and taste. With water there's an well behaved and smooth whisky with a classic bourbon maturation notes. Once again an excellent single cask release from Teerenpeli, although I have to say, that in my books this stays behind the Port maturated single cask from 2021.

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