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Review: Benromach 21


21 Years Old

Age: 21

abv: 43% vol

Place of purchase: online auction

Price: 95,7£ (87£ + 10% commission)

I first noticed Benromach when the Cask Strength batch 2 was in our advent calendar. It got quite a lot positive feedback from all the calendar participants. When I noticed this 21 year old in the auction I added to my watch list. When the auction was closing and the price was still quite low I decided to put an offer in.

Nose: Mainly raspberry and some sourness, caramel, milk chocolate and behind it all there is this black liquorice that brings character and deepness to the nose. The nose is well balanced and mildly smoky. You really have to dig deep to find the smoke in the nose as it's so beautifully and smoothly integrated there.

Taste: This isn't at all so fruity and berry filled as one could expect, but they are there. Just vanished or moved to a background a bit compared to the nose. A lot more spicier than I thought. Nuts and dried fruits and some sherry also.

After: First and foremost it's the smoke that comes in the after taste. But as I've said before, that's quite common for me in the after taste with peated whiskies. (would be quite odd if it happened with unpeated whiskies also :D) The vanishing fruits and berries continues to vanish in the after taste. Not a lot to find at first, but they are there. They've switched places with the smoke. It's like they are hiding behind a curtain peeking out towards the taste buds every now and then almost afraid to be discovered. Some kind of oriental spices (just a feeling, can't really find any certain taste) stays lingering in the mouth. Long and livid after taste.

This is smoky softness, fruits and spices. A whisky that serves you best, when you kick your legs up, put some relaxed tunes and enjoy the moment. The smoke is there, so beautifully and perfectly. So well integrated to nose, that it's almost impossible to find. In the taste, the smoke declares itself like the royalty coming to a ball and takes the dance floor in the after taste, but doesn't cause a scene. This is how a well aged peated whisky should be, deep and dark. The smoke gives room for all of the elements and it's brings deepness and contrast to other flavours.

87/100 (I originally gave this 88, but in hindsight it might have been the good feeling when Liverpool was finally winning again and I was in a exceptionally good mood)

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