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Review: Macallan The Harmony Collection Amber Meadow


The Harmony Collection - Amber Meadow

Age: NAS

Abv: 44.2%

Place of purchase: Alko

Price:  187,23€

The Macallan Harmony Collection has reached its third edition and as with other whisky brands, the price has also taken a step up with each release. The whisky has been created in collaboration with Stella and Mary McCartney. The inspiration for this bottling was Scottish nature.

Nose: What a balanced and pleasant aroma right from the start. Canned peaches drizzled generously with vanilla sauce. Instead of just peaches, it seems that a fruit salad has sneaked in, as there are slightly tangier elements in the scent. Clearly, a few Werther's Original caramels have been melted into the vanilla sauce, adding a delicate caramel sweetness to the softness of the vanilla. A whisky with an exceptionally pleasant nose.

Taste: The taste begins as one can expect. A soft, creamy texture with fruity elements present. Perhaps more dominantly, there's that vanilla, with occasional pieces of fruit salad mixed in. The mouthfeel might be slightly thinner than the aroma suggested. The same balance found in the aroma continues in the taste.

After: The aftertaste begins with a surprisingly strong oak character, but as time passes, the flavor evolves. Perhaps there are some light coffee elements and maybe even slightly raw plum present. A hint of herbal notes also tries to make its way to the forefront, but the attempt remains subdued. The aftertaste is not very long but manages to step out of the short category. I find myself wanting more from the aftertaste. The character of the whisky seems to change a bit with the aftertaste, and initially, I don't fully warm up to the direction it takes. However, as the glass empties, I gradually notice positive aspects emerging in the evolving aftertaste.

A balanced and light whisky with dimensions despite its sensitive nature. It doesn't quite reach the the top level, but the overall essence is good. The price point is reasonably high, and expectations may be elevated accordingly. However in all honesty when considering the current general price levels, this isn't unreasonably high for those whose taste this aligns with it.

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