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Advent Calendar 2023: Day 14

We have now reached the latter half of the calendar. The finish line is starting to loom in the distance, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. There are still several excellent whiskies left, and today we are heading towards one of the currently hyped whisky regions.

That would be Campbeltown, specifically Glen Scotia. Established in 1832, the distillery has had its doors closed several times throughout its history. The most recent closure was in 1994 when the owner mothballed the distillery. In 1999 it was reopened with assistance from the nearby Springbank distillery. Since then, the journey has been nothing but uphill, marked by victories in 2021 for being the best distillery and selecting the 25-year-old whisky as the best whisky of the year.

Unfortunately, today's glass doesn't hold the distillery's 25-year-old whisky, but rather Glen Scotia Victoriana. It's a cask-strength, NAS(No Age Statement), lightly peated whisky with a bottling strength of 54.2%.

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