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Review: Lagavulin 16


16 Years Old

Age: 16

Abv: 43%

Place of Purchase: Frankfurtin lentokenttä

Price:  87,90€

This whisky has been on my shopping list for a long time and few times I almost bought it at the store. This particular bottle was found in the Frankfurt tax-free store, where I had a layover. I didn't have time to go to the largest store in the airport, and nothing else from the whisky shelf evoked any strong feelings. And since we're practicing writing tasting notes, what better option than Lagavulin 16-year-old. Once again, Penderyn Legend served as the primer.

Nose: Smoky grilled pineapple, fresh mint and banana. When you brush fruity barbecue sauce over the meat on the grill, you're pretty close to this feeling. The alcohol doesn't overpower the nose and the aroma is overall quite gentle. After tasting, a menthol side note emerges in the aroma.

Taste: At the beginning, there's peat smoke and banana. White pepper takes the space from the banana and after a while the sweetness has evolved into the ripe or perhaps even overripe pineapple. Elegant and well-balanced flavor.

After: For a moment, it brings to mind the old good green L&M from the days of youth when menthol smoke takes on a role. Towards the finish yellow fruits and a blunt oakiness join in. The aftertaste is pleasantly long, albeit a bit straightforward. However, even in its simplicity, it works well.

Nice smoky whisky from the Isle of Islay. I was somewhat bothered by a certain kind of straightforwardness, but I am often a fan of more robust or complex whiskies. All in all, a gently enjoyable whisky that is suitable for quiet moments when you just want to enjoy.

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