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Advent Calendar 2023: Day 11

Yesterday, we stopped at one of the Scotland's largest distilleries, and today, we're venturing towards the other end of the spectrum. Knockando, established in 1898, is a bit of an unfamiliar distillery for me. Currently under the ownership of Diageo, it boasts an annual capacity of 1,400,000 liters. While most of its production contributes to the J&B Blend, I've come across some texts suggesting that Knockando enjoys a strong following as a single malt in Spain and France. The distillery underwent renovations in 2017 and reopened its doors in 2023.

Today, our focus is on the only whisky currently featured in its core range. In the past, this range included 15, 18, and 21-year-old expressions, but for now, it's exclusively the 12-year-old. Notably, it also happens to be the most wallet-friendly whisky in the calendar, ringing in at approximately €27 in Germany.

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