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Advent Calendar 2023: Day 10

Today we head to the biggest distillery in Scotland, at least if compare them by capacity. Well, it shares the top spot with Glenlivet as they both have the capacity to produce 21 000 000 litres. And the distillery in question, that is of course Glenfiddich.

The distillery was founded by William Grant in 1886 and the current owner is William Grant & Sons. There are few notable milestones in its history. In 1963, it became the first whisky brand to be marketed as a single malt, and in 1969, it was the first Scottish distillery to open a visitor center. While Glenlivet has risen alongside it in capacity, Glenfiddich takes the lead in the number of copper stills, boasting a remarkable 43. Glenfiddich has also been the best-selling single malt whisky most years since 1963, although Glenlivet has occasionally claimed that title in recent years.

So, today's pour is Glenfiddich Project XX, part of the Experimental Series released in 2016. Twenty Malt Masters were involved in developing this particular whisky. They were invited to the Glenfiddich distillery, where each of them selected a cask from the distillery's warehouse. From the chosen casks, Malt Master Brian Kinsman crafted Project XX. The distillery describes the whisky as summer fruits and candy floss.

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