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Advent calendar 2023: Day 2

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Saturday and the second day of December. It's starting to feel like Christmas. Whiskies matured in sherry casks usually evoke the Christmas atmosphere in terms of aroma and flavor. It's better to get into the festive spirit in this regard as well. For this reason, the second whisky in the calendar is Macallan's The Harmony Collection, the second part, Intense Arabica. Macallan Distillery is likely familiar to many, and we'll skip the introductions.

The second part of The Harmony Collection is non-age statement and bottled at 44% strength. Macallan has collaborated with experts in their fields for all parts of the series. Intense Arabica, as the name might reveal, was created in collaboration with coffee makers. The distillery's whisky maker, Steve Bremner, hosted a Masterclass exploring the journey of coffee from the field to the cup.

The packaging of The Harmony Collection whiskies is once again made from surplus materials inspired by the key ingredient. For this package, coffee bean husks, which would otherwise have been discarded, were repurposed. The red color was chosen to reflect the rich red hue of the coffee fruit.

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