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Advent calendar 2023: Day 3

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Amidst the frost and snow (or sleet and darkness) known to us Finns, there's something that famously suits our taste. It's, of course, peaty whisky and where else than from the magical Isle of Islay. The only suspense is which distillery and which whisky.

Bowmore's 10-year-old Dark & Intense is part of the Travel Retail series, meaning it's available only at airports (and almost every German online shop). The whisky has been matured in Spanish sherry and Hogshead casks. Hogshead casks typically have a size of 225-250 liters and are often constructed from staves originally taken from bourbon barrels. The casks used for maturing Scottish whisky may have previously held other spirits and Sherry is the most common option.

The whisky has an alcohol content of only 40%, which, in my opinion, is not noticeable in the taste. This bottle has been a staple in my whisky cabinet for quite some time. It's perfect for moments when you want an easy, straightforward Islay Sherry whisky that doesn't offer too much complexity. However, I find the basics quite well in place.

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