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Advent calendar 2023: Day 1

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Historical moments in the life of a small Finnish whisky enthusiast. Over the past year, I've been assembling a whisky advent calendar for 12 avid whisky lovers, and now we're finally gathered around the first whisky. Without further ado, let's see what has found its way into the glass on this historic occasion.

The first whisky in the calendar is The Clydeside Distillery's inaugural core range whisky, Stobcross. This whisky is bottled without an age statement at 46% strength. Although the age is not disclosed, it is evident that it is undoubtedly a young whisky, as the distillery was opened in 2017. The distillery is backed by the Morrison family, known previously as owners of Bowmore, among other ventures.

As I write this, there's just under a week left until the first day of December. At the same time I realize, it might be good to taste what goes into the glass.

The aroma carries notes of fruit and vanilla, but it's also noticeably a bit raw. After a brief sniff, apricot emerges as the most prominent impression.

The mouthfeel is soft, though a light peppery spiciness joins in from the beginning. In the taste, vanilla takes the lead, and the fruits linger a bit in the background. Youthfulness still shines through, but it seems quite promising. The fruity character becomes more apparent when the whisky is allowed to linger in the mouth for a moment.

In the aftertaste, tropical fruits and vanilla briefly whirl in the mouth before the finish hastily slips away, leaving a delicate oaky bitterness at the back of the palate.

A young and distinctly characterized whisky, where the basic elements are in place. Some argue that whiskies this young should be left in the cask, while I am intrigued by the opportunity to observe the distillery's development over the years.

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