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Review: Kyrö's Choice SVP 2023

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Kyrö's Choice Amarone Cask Finish Malt Rye

Bottled for the Finnish Whisky Day 2023

Age: NAS

Abv: 48,5%

Place of Purchase: Alko

Price: 65,99€

Finnish Whisky Day is the highlight of May and especially the whisky releases from the Finnish distilleries to celebrate the day. I spent the day in a event organized by Fellowship of Whisky with other whisky enthusiasts. There were several great whiskies in the lineup that day, but today it's time to focus on Kyrö's release. It's a single cask release finished in Amarone cask. Someone might ask a question, that how can it be a single cask if it's finished in something. The single cask term doesn't have any regulations and you could even put several small casks together in a bigger cask and then bottle that as a single cask. But in most cases the term means, that the whisky is sourced from one cask and it might finished in different type of cask, but there aren't any other casks vatted with it.

Nose: Mellow rye and redcurrant. Soon the nose loses some of the bitterness and the redcurrant turns to a sweet strawberry. Then there's the essence of Kyrö, for me it is a finnish forest with smell of moss and needless and something else. The nose is great in this one.

Taste: Much more rye in the taste than the nose let you on. The strawberry sweetness is right there, taking some of the hit from the spiciness of rye. First it's smooth, but as most Kyrö whiskies, this has a kick to it and it pops in and out just to remind it's there. The sweetness and the rye are really nicely in balance. There's something so soothing and beautiful when momentarily the whisky is just right there. Perfectly in balance from time to time. And every other side note quite nicely adds something to the whisky. Grass, maybe some burned rubber, cumin and lot's of small little flavours I just don't recognize.

After: Heavy hitting rye starts the after taste and quite smoothly it turns to coffee and also the burned rubber way. Sweetness is lost for a moment and the spiciness is there till the end. After a long while the strawberry sweetness is found, but then it takes over and dominates the after taste in very fragile way. This hint of a fading flavour brings in mind the feeling, when my wife borrows my hoodies and then I wear them on the next day and I get these small glimpses of her scent in my nose. Great great moment.

Really nice and balanced Kyrö. The sweetness of the Amarone works really well with the spicy ryeness of Kyrö. I get this image of a really green spruce forest with lots and lots of cowberries on the ground. (and this is not the flavour, just an image I got in my head while sipping this dram)

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