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Review: Whisky Druid Kyrö Distillery

Whisky Druid Kyrö Distillery Finnish Alder Smoked Rye Whisky Age: 4 Abv: 53,8% Place of purchase: Whisky-Maniac Price: 98,89€

Time to time it pays off to randomly browse through whisky web sites. Well, actually I have to pay, but you know what I mean. This time the price was in a form of a Independent Bottler's Kyrö Distillery whisky. I usually by any Kyrö whiskies that I find, but I might restrict my collection to Kyrö Distillery's bottlings. I still believe, that when ever there's a chance and the price is right, I will buy these IB whiskies also. Many times there are some real treasures to be found.

Nose: Rye and sweet in the beginning, not much smoke. After a while the sweetness retreats to the background and the mellow smokiness takes its place. The nose takes me (like with few other Kyrö whiskies) to moss covered coniferous forest. The nose is super pleasant. Sweetness, rye and smooth and calm smoke.

Taste: A snappy start. The sweetness tries to rush to the front line to take the lead, but this blunt smoke hits it right in the face with a bat and the sweetness stumbles back. Once regrouped the it starts to slowly work its way to the front. Not rushing and trying to be the only taste, but more like hand in hand with the smoke. Then they head together to the after taste with delicate spiciness leading the way.

After: Coniferous forest and same balanced smoky sweetness continues in the after taste. The sweetness is first to disappear and the coniferous smokiness stays around wondering where their friend left. Right before the after taste is fading away a wild Freshmint toothpaste appears and it rolls in the back of tongue for a second. Amazing ending.

Kyrö whiskies keep on giving with the versatile and bold flavors. I have said this before, but I do like when whisky gives a little slap on the face and leaves you wondering, what just happened. A great whisky.

I'm not giving points to these reviews at the moment. While my palate has been evolving, I have found myself thinking that these points aren't right. Also it's depending on the day with some whiskies. I might some form of scoring in the future, but we'll see.

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