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Review: Benromach Cask Strength 2012


2012/2022 Cask Strength Batch 01

Age: 10

Abv: 60,2% vol

Place of purchase: Web shop for Netherlands

Price: 60€

I first noticed this bottle when it landed in one of my whisky groups in Facebook. It got such good reviews in there and also from Ralfy, so I decided to take a risk with this one. Quick call through my whisky friends and eight bottles took from Netherlands to Finland. I have also tasted the 2009 Cask Strength and as it was good, it made this decision easier. I ended up with one full bottle and 1 dl sample.

Nose: This starts with a positive experience. Even though this has really high abv there's really no alcohol burn to the nose. There is pear mixed with caramel. Under and around it there is this dirty smokiness that is mixed with oily notes. Really nice nose that changes it's form constantly giving either the smoke or the caramel pear or a nice mix of both.

Taste: Wowza, what the nose gives the taste delivers. After the caramels and pears somebody shovels in peat, hits start button on the blender and all the flavours start the merry-go-round in the mouth and the speed is just going up on each round. And when the speed is finally going down, there's a huge wave of peppers coming in and just forcing you to swallow the whisky and throws you straight into the after taste.

After: Peppers are still there, but they are accompanied by a peat. Really offensive and strong start. It's like somebody takes your tongue, twists it around and then puts burned ash covered oak slices and red peppers on it. In the first rounds after this there started this balancing between overly bitter oak and well balanced after smoke. It was a constant battle between those that ended up in this mellow mess. I then had almost an hour long break and ate a nacho plate in between and after that the after taste was way better. So either with time or nachos it got better.

I understand why this is being compared to Springbank whiskies. There is nice fruitiness with dirty, oily smokiness in quite a perfect balance. With 60€ this bottle is a steal and I'm seriously considering to get few more.


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