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The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14

Smooth and creamy Balvenie with tropical sweetness leading the way

The WhistlePig Single Barrel Rye aged 10 years

Complex whisky that has cotton candy sweetness and cherries, but also strong spiciness and character

Kyrö X VYS

Whisky that let's you experience the atmosphere of a Finnish forest

Glenfarclas Warehouse Edition 40 Year Old

Elegant and balanced whisky with amazing viscosity

The Chita: Distiller's Reserve

Smooth and creamy sipper with some mild spiciness.

The Macallan: The Harmony Collection Rich Cacao

Throughout consistent Macallan. What is promised with nose is delivered to the very end.

Tamnavulin: Sherry Cask Edition

Fruity and mellow Tamnavulin that works great with cocktails, but has some off notes

SMoS: An Orkney Distillery

Elegant and balanced IB Highland Park that feels older than it really is

Signatory Vintage Distilled at Highland Park distillery

Floral and fruity Highland Park that ends up being unbalanced.

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